Green Orizonte Festival - Soirée du Dimanche 22 Octobre

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Green Orizonte, the new festival in Calvi and Balagne dedicated to ecology, development and sustainable tourism in Corsica!
This event is an invitation to a collective, ecological approach, open to the world and the Mediterranean. It brings together virtuous initiatives, innovations, eco-responsible start-ups, short circuit tables in the villages, expert conferences, free workshops for young and old, concerts... and shows.

Together, let's build the world of tomorrow...

Let's give time back to time, celebrate the Mediterranean, feed off the landscapes, make ecology fun, travel with awareness, enter a regenerative process, prepare for positive-impact professions and cooperate to achieve greater impacts.

Are you ready to take up the challenge with us?



Parking de l'Ortacce
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 42.56101
Longitude : 8.75636